Uk nurse wants to work in OZ but not do nights. Is it possible?? Uk nurse wants to work in OZ but not do nights. Is it possible?? | allnurses

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Uk nurse wants to work in OZ but not do nights. Is it possible??

  1. 0 Hi guys

    I worked in Sydney a few years ago on a 2 year contract and although I really liked the job I quit after 14 months. One big reason for this is I had to do too many nights (only 2-4 a month so not a huge amount but too much for me!). I find it difficult to sleep during the day and get really anxious and depressed on them - I ended up with pneumonia while I was in OZ and I'm pretty sure it was the amount of nights I had to do as I caught it after a set.

    Saying all that I liked OZ, have good friends out there and loved the money! I would like to go back again (I'm Scottish) but there's no way I could face night shifts again. Some of the agencies I've contacted said I would have to do them - one said they could try to negotiate shifts with the ward. All the agencies said they only recruited for wards and so nights are a huge possibility.

    Was just wondering if any other foreign nurses (ie not Aussies) managed to get sponsored in OZ on day shift only contracts. I'd love to hear some stories!

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    New hires have to take what they can get.
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    Sure if you find a job that doesn't do nights.
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    Plenty of agency work so you won't have do nights. Some agency's have contracted work for 1-6 months.

    A little side tip. There is no 'Z' in Australia. It's Aus as in Aussie not ozzie and not even god will be able to help you if you call a female a Sheila.