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Student male nurse

  1. 0 Am a student male nurse but I would like soo much to work in in my third yr of Bsc, can any ony help me to get a job n start working in australia after my course in studying frm india but im frm africa
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    Before even thinking about jobs you should be looking at meeting the country's nursing requirements.
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    As admin have said, you need to understand the nursing requirement in Australia and get yourself registered in Australia nursing board.

    Beside your original university transcript, you will also need a registration in India. You must have practiced nursing within the last 5 years, preferably a minimum of 2 years working experience. Lastly, you will need to pass your IELTS/OET. 7 and above for each section for IELTS. B and above for each section for OET. Both of them are valid for 2 years. So if you are truly interested in getting a nursing career in Australia, you will need to fulfill the above requirement.
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