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  1. 0 I apologise if this topic has been bought up a number of times, but I am quite anxious and would like some help.

    I would do the EN course at TAFE, however, in my area (Wollongong), the courses are very competitive and I do not even get the opportunity to go to an interview because of so many applicants. It may be years (I am 18) until I get a spot.

    So, I was curious, could I perhaps do another diploma degree in a related field that could get me into the Bachelor of Nursing course? So, I was thinking a Diploma of Children's Services?

    Thank you for any help!!
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    Hey Jess,

    Doing your nursing diploma would be a massive advantage to you as you would be able to work as an EN while you do your Uni years, also you should get RPL on your degree (it's a years worth of credit here in QLD if you do have a nursing diploma). Have you looked at other tafe's perhaps in another state? I'm at the Southbank Institute of Tech in Brisbane and I didn't think I'd get in but I did I think in part due to the large intake and they offer programs where you're guaranteed a spot at one of the local universities once you get your diploma.

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