International nurses' chances of securing a bank loan in Australia

  1. 0 Hi!

    I'm an international nurse seeking for employment in Australia. For some private reasons, I felt the need to secure a bank loan upon employment.

    May i know what are my chances for securing a bank loan being a newly employed nurse?

    Is there a certain timeframe before a newly employed nurse can be granted a loan?

    May i know what are the usual requirements for such?

    Thanks a lot!
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    First things banks ask these days are: are you a citizen or permanent resident- so what visa counts you would have to check out the different banks websites for their criteria.
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    Most banks want to know how long you've been working, so chances are slim
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    I have had a word to a friend who is a loans officer for a major bank here. He tells me that there has been so much default on credit cards and personal loans by international people, that his banks requirements are now no credit to anyone without a substantial visa (permanent residence) and full time job of at least 2 years and earnings of 35,000 a year, there is no lending.
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