Government versus Private Jobs in Adelaide

  1. Hello everyone,
    I just moved to Adelaide from the US and am registered by the AHPRA as a registered nurse. I am looking for jobs and I was wondering if there is any advantage in working for the government hospitals/clinics versus private hospitals in Adelaide. I am still trying to understand the how healthcare works here and not sure if it is better in terms of benefits, pay, working environment and growth in career in one sector over the other.
    Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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  3. by   msalt
    The public is so much better in pay rates and conditions, you usually get more sick leave and annual leave then private and the salary sacrifice benefits mean you will pay less tax in a year.
  4. by   Rhi007
    The patient to nurse ratio.... Mum is an RN in a private hospital and its normally 6-8:1 whereas my auntie is in the public system and its 4:1