Australian community nursing new graduate programes

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    Hi there. Could anyone tell me if there are new graduate programes in Australia that are community nursing based? And if so where? I have been googling but can't find the info I'm after.

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    Try the district nursing services in each state.
    The Royal District Nursing service in Victoria...(RDNS) has a graduate year program. This service is for the metropolitan area only. They have clinical specialist in diabetes, wound care, palliative etc.

    Queensland calls their service...Blue Cross.....not sure about NSW SA is RDNS of SA and they have a graduate course as well.

    Other than that, I know of LRH in Traralgon..a regional country hospital, has positions in their graduate course that you spend 6 months in hospital and 6 months with the local community health service in their ambulatory care service....this one is in the country about 2 hours from Melbourne.
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    Thanks. Very helpful

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