anyone know about university of Notre dame Australia?

  1. Hi, I am interested in Uni of Notre dame in australia. I am more attracted by its small- sized class and the location(they have three campuses, Sydney, Fremantle and Broome). Does anyone studying at Notre dame or having any info?
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  3. by   jesse'sgirl
    Hi, I studied at the Fremantle campus, graduated December 2003. I thought it was great. We did full time clinicals from the first semester so you really knew what you were getting into. Small class sizes meant you got better training from our instructors I think. Recommend it.
  4. by   harang5
    oh thank you Jesse~~ you made my day.
    If you don't mind, could you do me a favor? in terms of nursing, which campus do you recommend?
    I know Sydney cam is relatively new and more focus on nursing and medicine department. Also it is near the St. Vincent hospital so maybe I can have better chance working over there. and as an ethic minority, Sydney would be good for me. But I feel like it's more branch school compared with Fremantle and the living cost is horrible!
    And speaking of Fremantle one, I found out that it is affiliated with a private hospital in Subiaco(and GNP programme).