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Hey there! Sorry if this a repeat of several other topics..I've been reading through many threads, and there is so much information, I'm getting overloaded. I'm an RN currently working as a traveler in the US. I have almost 2... Read More

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    hello all,
    Im interested in coming to Australia next year to to work as an RN. I currently work in southern california in a surgical intensive care unit as a floor nurse and relief charge nurse. Really looking forward to making the big change and all the experience that comes with it. i have found all your posts very helpful. I only have an associates degree though, but I do have 4 years experience as a nurse now. i have asked others about the qualifications with AHPRA in regards to education and many seem to think that i should be qualified enough. did any of you apply with just an associates degree and get approved with AHPRA? any feedback would be greatly appreciated. As for Yee213, congrats!! super excited for you, hang in there. im sure it will get better for you. would love to hear how your experience is going so far, im considering working in sydney as well. i hope i can find that same support when i get there, so im here for you if you need to vent!!
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    Hi guys! This is so exciting to hear from everyone. My application is slowly...(but surely? hopefully?) progressing. Hoping to have my registration from AHPRA within a month, then will go thru the Visa process. Plan is to head to Sydney. And yes, too bad about being so overwhelmed =( There are just SO many new variables, I can't imagine it is an easy transition.

    The idea of going there without a guaranteed job is also pretty scary. There are just so many things to take into consideration!
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    Esperanza, I'm also in southern California! I'm working as a travel nurse in the San Diego area, and have been down here since January! Loooove it.

    I do have my Bachelor's, so I didn't have the hurdle you may face, but I can post what AHPRA e-mailed me when my documentation from my college wasn't sufficient for them haha. Maybe it will shine some light:

    Please note the minimum education requirement of a registered nurse in Australia is a Bachelor degree. A transcript of the theory subject hours and clinical subject hours as well as a record of clinical experience areas from [your college] is required. In order for an applicant to register as a Registered Nurse (Division 1) in Australia they must demonstrate both theory and clinical hours in the following streams: Medical/Surgical, Adult Nursing, Community Nursing and Mental Health Nursing.
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    Hey Esperanza!

    Hopefully one day we can all meet up in Sydney...haha

    As far as qualifications for the AHPRA, I have a BSN, so I don't know about an associates degree. However, in all my research and reading, I don't recall seeing anything that specified the requirements in the paperwork. But I suggest going to the AHPRA website and submitting a web inquiry. They have been very quick in their email responses usually 48 hours.

    Good luck!
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    Looks like based on Etoile88 response "the minimum education requirement for a registered nurse in Australia is a Bachelor degree"...bummer...
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    Lilly, I am getting SO impatient waiting for my registration...!!!! Did they email you with addit'l documentation that you had to give them? Just wondering how long after that I may have to wait
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    Etoile, took me forever! Partially because I received my BSN in an accelerated program, which I don't think they are familiar with, so I had several requests for additional information. After I mailed them the documents (and apparently I couldn't even send it fedex because it's a global post office box) it took about 10 days...snail mail status. I would typically get a response 1 week -2 weeks after via email. Sometimes it wasn't clear what they needed and what I interepreted wasn't always what they wanted, so that was a bit frustrating. In total it took me 5 months after several correspondences...(I did have some delays waiting for documents from my school so that cost me a good month all in all, I would say it took me 3-4 months.)

    Hopefully, yours will be much faster
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    Blahhh. yeah, I'm getting nervous because it's been at least 10 business days and they say they don't have the documents.. and it was reallyyyy annoying to get some of that paperwork, argh. So they emailed you once they received addit'l documents?

    I feel like I'm slowly selling my soul haha. Oh, and it is SO confusing as to what they want! I've made many phone calls because they're vague on the requirements. I just fear that the date I have to have everything in by is going to come and I won't have it all, and they'll close my application I'm two months in, not counting how many months it took me before that to just gather what I thought they wanted. Wheeeeee! Hahha
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    They didn't email me that they received my paperwork aside from my initial application. They usually just responded with another request for more documents and finally my eligibility letter. My deadline was close to approaching as well and I was traveling to the east coast for a week and between work, there was no way I could get the info to them in time including mail time and getting the docs from my school. So I sent a web inquirty to request for an extension to my deadline. I was extremely frustrated at that point, and let them know that too...haha. But they extended it.

    By the last piece of paperwork they needed, I was soooo over it. I was almost about to give up but knew that I couldn't have spent all that time and $$ for nothing. And that hopefully they were making jump thru hoops so that they could approve my application.

    As far as your documents, did you certify them or send they with a notifcation that were delievered? I would recommend doing that in the future. You don't need the super expensive option, but just a tracking number or something is helpful.

    But, believe me...I feel your pain...hang in there!
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    thank you ladies for all the information. Etoile88 im in the los angeles area! i love the san diego area too! its so nice there! i did read the miniumum requirement was a bachelor degree, but it also mentioned a 6 semester program in there as well. i have all the requirements as far as theory and clinical hours for the division 1 nurse too. i did email them an inquiry asking them about my associates degree and all the emailed me back was the form to apply and the amount it would cost to apply. thats why im a bit confused with how they go about picking candidates. i dont know if im just better off calling there and speaking to someone. i would hate to pay the registration fee and get declined as well. i had asked other people on this website about it and i keep getting mixed answers, some say i should be fine. it seems like just gathering all the paperwork is a tedious process and that they require more information in the end. I know in my college transcripts they dont specify the clinical hours that we completed so how were you able to obtain that information from your school etoile88? Also is it any bachelors degree or specifically just a BSN? cause all there website says is bachelor degree and not a bachelor in science of nursing. i also rather travel now as a nurse instead of going back to school! lol! i hope it works out and we are all able to meet up in Australia one day!!

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