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Navajo religion

  1. 0 So I have a patient in a long term care facility and she is Navajo. Although I am native American I really don't know much about the Navajo religion and culture. I would like her to feel welcomed and comfortable. Can someone point me in the right direction?
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    I see no replies for your comment for some time. I have worked on the Omaha reservation for 15 years, while I am not Native American, I have studied and talked with the relgious leaders of the community to learn about how to effectively meet my residents religous needs. I have participated in some religous ceremonies. I would recommend using the internet or library to study up on Navajo religion. There are many tribes which means many different ways things are done. Being Native American yourself you may have access to other avenues the non-Native Americans do not. I would ask your own tribal members if you reside on the reservation. I hope my comments have helped you. May God Bless you in your work.