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    Light Of Way
    Look into the light

    Look into the light

    That’s the way home

    Follow this light

    As you walk closer

    Into the light

    It shines brighter than before

    What do you see

    Tell me what you see

    I see a rose garden

    So full and blooming bright

    As this light shines

    So does the petals

    Of each and every rose

    As these petals shine

    The light reflects

    The love these roses

    Have for you

    Pick a Rose

    One rose for you

    Hold this rose close

    Close to your heart

    Smell it’s sweet fragrance

    As you hold this rose

    Close to your heart

    And smell it’s sweet fragrance

    Your heart will also be filled

    With the light that shines so bright

    Tell me what you see

    This light is now inside of you

    Walk with the light

    This is the light of way

    This is your home

    Crystal Sereno

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    To everyone who reads my poem. I apologize for the error words on the right side or I guess if your thinkong left side (colors) I have no idea where this came from. It showed up after I posted my poem and am not sure how to correct it.
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    Moving to Nursing and Spirituality.

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