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  1. Help!! I haven a nurse for 18 years. I worked as a staff nurse for most of my career at 2 hospitals. I finished my MSN in Nursing Education last year. I took a part time job as a Staff Development Coordinator in a rehab setting for 8 months, then left to return to the hospital that I had worked for 6 years as a Clinical Educator. I have been in the educator role now for 18 months & I am still struggling with the role change. Although working the floor is exhausting, I always left feeling I advocated & cared for my patients best I could. Now I feel so defeated and confused about the management & administration of healthcare! The nursing staff is overworked & due to budget cuts we are closing units. I know that this is not for me at all. I feel sad because I do love bedside nursing & teaching nurses has always been a goal for me. I am enrolled to begin school again in the spring for an Adult/Geriatric NP. I know the problems with management & administration will not go away, but I will at least have more options for employment. I was going to transfer into a part time staff position and go to school full time. Some say it is a great idea that is what nursing is about finding your place. I am worried my employer will be upset, and this would be 2 jobs with less than 1 year on my resume. I would never want that to keep me from getting another job. I have worked very hard, and I also have 2 national certifications. Advice??
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    Welcome to allnurses. I encourage you to browse the site and perhaps, find some other threads that discuss similar topics.

    Only you can decide the best career path for you. If you don't enjoy Staff Development as you thought you would, then looking at other options is reasonable. Just be sure to assess your local job market for ALL of the possibilities before you make a large investment in another path. Be sure that you will be able to find decent jobs in your new specialty. Also, you might want to explore other educational jobs. Are you sure there aren't other opportunities that could satisfy you with your current degree?

    In the end, it is your decision ... and I wish you well.