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nurses code of ethics.

  1. 0 Where Can I Find The Nurses Code Of Ethics? Am I Violating This Code By Having Too Many Patients?
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    I dunno, how many pts do you have at a time?

    Could we ask a favor: could you not capitalize every word? It's pretty hard to read that way.
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    The ANA code of ethics is what you are looking for and you can view it, I believe on the ANA website - I think it's
    It's not going to give you a number value of how many patients you should be caring for.
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    1. I doubt there is any "ethical rulebook" anywhere that says "no nurse shalt have more then 6 patients per shift".
    2. Someone else will probably point this out - but the ANA represents RNs. Leaves LPNs/LVNs rather out of the picture. Do we have separate set of ethics?
    3. Each State/licensing authority has different "policy" and "responsibilities" expected by the licensee. This will obviously affect "ethics".
    4. The question asked by the OP is too vague to merit a precise answer.