Interview at an office where a former friend works

  1. I am interviewing for a job where a former friend works... She was hired recently. We had a falling out in nursing school and later developed a somewhat comfortable tho distant working relationship in class... I have an interview where she now works (the company is a large physicians' group with many offices). I am sure she would rather have one of her pals there over me... I do not know if she would sabotage me, and am not sure if I should speak to it in an interview. It is plainly evident that we would know each other... And they might even ask her if she knows me... What should I do? Keep my mouth shut or speak professionally about the situation? Please help me decide how to proceed! I really want (need!) this job!
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  3. by   not.done.yet
    Keep your mouth shut. Speaking to the silly drama of nursing school and female friendships will get you a firmly closed door.

    You cannot control what she will or won't say. You can only control how YOU present yourself.
  4. by   Lizzie Clayre
    So true... After some meditation on the subject... That's what I came to... I appreciated the thoughts.