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    I applied for several CNA positions at a local hospital a few weeks ago and recently had two interviews. A week after the interviews, I was offered both positions, one for the ICU and the other at the Medical Unit. I decided on the ICU position and called them but, unfortunately they said that it was a tentative position and internal employees get priority thus telling me to give it 7 days. Over the weekend I thought it over and decided to take the Medical Unit offer instead. That was just the background story; my question is that I want to write a thank you letter for the ICU interviewers (interviewed by 3 people) and to explain my appreciation for the opportunity BUT I don't remember their names and believe addressing to "Dear ICU recuiters/managers" is very unprofessional, right? I know it's very stupid of me for not remembering and a huge mistake for me forgetting to ask them for their business cards...I usually am pretty good at remembering names, but again it was really stupid that I don't...ugh...anyways its been about a week after me telling HR that I'll take the Medical Unut position rather than waiting to hear back from the ICU. Any advice or suggestions that would help me? I do remember the person who introduced me to the ICU floor (wasn't one of the interviewers) on the day of my interview and have her work phone. I also tried looking at the hospital website under the ICU department; it listed a few nurses and their names, but still don't remember which one. I do remember one was the charge nurse, and the other two were the manager/recruiter. All in all, I'd truly prefer to write a thank you letter but don't know if I should since my stupidty got the better of me and forgot their names...anyways again any help is always much appreciated!


    Also, I plan to write a thank you letter for the Medical Unit interviewer, should I also write one to my future manager as well (the manager did not interview me, the interviewer was another nurse that worked on the Medical Unit)?
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