BON and Psychiatric Help

  1. So one of my co-workers checked herself into a psychiatric inpatient facility for feelings of severe depression and suicidal ideation. I was told her license would go up for review by the CA BVNPT. I found out that this also will show up as disciplinary action against her license.

    Why would this be considered disciplinary action? I understand the BON's job is to protect the public, but isn't this counterproductive to encouraging nurses to get help? It seems so unfair to have to disclose this blemish to future employers when, to me, it's a very private personal and medical matter.

    Any thoughts, comments, concerns?
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  3. by   wish_me_luck
    Look in the nurses with disability section...there's a whole slew of threads dealing with this. Oh, and I am saying this nicely; but, I would only go by what she tells you...don't pry and dig for information. It can be a very personal, painful thing--I know because I went through this very thing.