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1st job need advice

  1. 0 first few weeks went alright shadowing then with preceptor, then doing everything myself with preceptor. went to a different hall this week 16 pts sub acute part of nursing home, needy [pain meds] demanding, two admits.

    started shift 7pm shift ended 845am no breaks [suppose to get 2 15 min and a 30 min dunner break]

    made med mistakes [preceptor caught] didnt finish all treatments for 4 or so pts, no charting. Another new RN did the admit work in the computer.

    previous week i had 18 pts in long term care part and it was so easier.

    Problem is i am told i will not have a steady "set" of pts for some time. My experience on the sub acute floor was a " normal/ good" night [she's been working that part for 6 months now]

    after 7am trying to " think critically" just doesnt happen, and ya I take adderall Rx. Mind was just fried, then they wanted me to work my third day same set tonight to continue training had to say no.

    Took 3 hours for me to pass 9/10pm meds on this set, other sets[17-24 pts] was about 2 hours, on my own.

    One pt[new admit] fell twice and eventually sent to hospital, barely got paper work together for dialysis pts as well [ 2]

    Basically if that is a good/normal night and I would be working this set, or the other in the sub acute I don't feel safe doing it for pts or long term for my stress/mental stability. And I can't imagine a "bad night" where I'd be on my own. At nights in the sub acute section basically 2-3 RNs [depending if any others are training]

    On hiring I asked about pt to RN ratio and was told 12-15, was expecting 8. Up for 15 hrs, slept for maybe 4 feel exhausted, but can't sleep.

    I have no "seniority" so the set I would like to work i don't think they would give me...

    What would you do/advice? I'm moving out soon and can't afford to not have this job, hospitals won't hire me as "no experience" of course...