What are the chances of being infected onthe job?

  1. 0 What are the chances of a nurse contracting diseases like Hep C / HIV while on the job around people with blood-borne illnesses?
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    Obviously, this has happened. But it is extremely rare in these days of universal precautions, and needle-less IV systems. Considering that there are millions of opportunities during patient contact, with appropriate care, this should not be an undue cause for concern.
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    Agreed, careful attention to universal precautions will result in practice habits which protect you daily.
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    I'm in nursing school and am allergic to an ingredient in the Hep B shots and cannot get them, so I had to sign a waiver. I follow all universal precautions to the T, even if it's overkill sometimes. I know I am not alone in not having the shots, but it is always better to be safe.
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    I would have done the same thing if I had allergies.

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