Nursing Activism / Healthcare Politics - page 119

Nursing Activism / Healthcare Politics is available for Nurses to discuss issues such as nursing activism and legislative efforts as well strategies to change policies, law and regulations. Topics will include: the legislative process and communicating with legislators, healthcare reform, the American Nurses Association, and healthcare politics including websites for health policy and political activists.

  1. Maine-Act to Amend the States Overtime Law
    • Closed
    by CaronRN58 Jun 8, '01
  2. PA healthcare legislation
    • Closed
    by NRSKarenRN Jun 9, '01
  3. suing board of nurses
    • Closed
    by meemken Nov 26, '00
    Jenny P
  4. political activism
    • Closed
    by LindaC Sep 26, '98

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