Nursing in politics

  1. Hello, I'm currently a RN-BSN student and I am doing questionnaire about nursing in politics. Please response to these questions that will help me with my research. Thanks. 1. Which is important topics in health care are not being addressess in politics and the press? 2. If you were to write a national healthcare policy, what would it include?
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    Bribes are not being discussed. Privatizing ideas are from those paid by insurance lobbyists. I'd hate to say it but a national policy would have to give care to the masses. I've seen too many die in my line only because of money. Nationallize it and people can buy more if they choose but at least minimums will exist. Also omit extreme lawsuits and lawyer commercials (lawyers have highly paid lobbyists for litigation). Regulate drug companies and cheapen health care again. Cap what docs can charge, as well. Too many dirty hands with healthcare and politics. Politics are all dirty regardless of party, though.