Insurers Gave U.S. Chamber $86 Million Used to Oppose Obama's Health Law

  1. 1 health insurers last year gave the u.s. chamber of commerce $86.2 million that was used to oppose the health-care overhaul law, according to tax records and people familiar with the donation.

    the insurance lobby, whose members include minnetonka, minnesota-based unitedhealth group inc. and cigna corp. of philadelphia, gave the money to the chamber in 2009 as democrats increased criticism of the industry, according to a person who requested anonymity because laws don't require identifying funding sources.
    the chamber got the money from the america's health insurance plans as the industry urged congress to drop a plan to create a competing government-run insurance plan.

    "clearly the secrecy was important to industry," sheila krumholz, executive director of the washington-based center for responsive politics, said in an interview...
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    I'm not surprised. I have CIGNA, and they're evil incarnate.
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