Former military nurses? Shall we meet at our memorial?

  1. Are there any other former (or active duty) military nurses who would like to meet up at the memorial? I am a Vietnam era Navy Nurse. We didn't do acts of political defiance in my day. We put on the uniform and took care of the wounded. Should this government blockade our memorial long enough, I wonder if any nurses would participate in a bit of direct action.
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  3. by   SoldierNurse22
    If I were still out in DC, I would be there with you!!
  4. by   tulip5
    I live and work far away from DC. It NEVER occurred to me that anyone would barricade our monuments. We put the memorial on the Mall beside our soldier brothers' wall. NURSES raised the funds. It is the only memorial in Washington to celebrate the patriotic services of American women (though there were men in the Corps serving with us.)

    God willing the shut down ends soon. But if I have to step down from my job and travel to DC to reclaim that monument... I would hope there would be other nurses at my side.
  5. by   SoldierNurse22
    You may get support from folks in DC, but the shutdown is the very thing that's going to limit leave and passes, etc. Active duty folks will be limited in their physical support.