Electronic Charting in LongTerm Care

  1. .The lack of state requirements for new software /computer uniform training in Long Term Care Facilities located in Pennsylvania is appalling. No classroom training required. Learn.as you go? The medical record is a legal document. Companies that are rushing to get the EHC incentives are not held to the same standards as the facilities and nurses are.
    There is a critical need for formalized laws regarding the implementation process. It is especially important to know how to "lock" entries, medicare assessments and especially the 24 hour report. Furthermore the CNA and the nursing data needs to be logically accessed by the charge nurse.
    Unbelievable how powerless we are. The floor nurse once again bearing enormous responsibility on her/his license. I aslo noticed lack of paper backup during this completley unregulated process.
    That is All.
    The future shall see alot legal loopholes and costly litigation. I hope to hear more on Allnurses about this subject.
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    thanks for sharing this topic. very informative. hope others would share their ideas as well