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What else can i do?

  1. 0 I'm wondering if anyone has any idea what else i can do. I recently lost my job as an LPN d/t the economy. I have a chronic pain problem, with my c spine and l spine. conventional medicine has had not success. I take the max dose of Ultram, and supp with Vicodin. I can't find another job in another industry, i'm a nurse. I keep hearing i'm overly qualified, we all know what that means. I am not makeing money, i can't go back to school. Does anyone know of any jobs an LPN can do, that just physically can't be a nurse anymore, but still allows or uses my nursing license, and will be a decent income?
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    In my area, clinics are hiring like mad for clerical assistants, secretaries, etc. It sounds like a comfy job you might qualify for.

    Let me know how it goes.
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    Have you checked with your state bureau of vocational rehab, or Rehab. Services Commission ? I'm RN, injured my back, now state paying tuition for 3 yr Acupuncture program. Most won't fund post-grad programs, but career-oriented or 4 year programs. Keep me posted and best of luck. OH..the poor student life stinks, but it's temporary.

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