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Nurses with liver transplants?

  1. 0 Currently on break awaiting a liver, excused by my school. All in all, I have 3 more semester till graduation. Is it a blessing or a curse? Anyone have any experience? Can employers prejudice against me?

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    I've worked with nurses with heart and kidney transplants before and they've done just fine.

    Best wishes for a quick transplant!
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    No they can't discriminate against you!

    Stay strong!
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    I had a kidney transplant a year ago. My work has been very supportive. They even went out of there way to get me my flu shot early. It took a while to become adjusted to the meds, but now i feel as good as ever.
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    I had a liver transplant 11 years. It is not a curse; you don't even have to
    disclose the information unless you want too.

    I will say that it is very empowering to go from an ICU patient to an ICU

    Good luck to you, may your wait be short!