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  1. 0 I was recently prescribed clonazepam 0.5mg @ bedtime for severe anxiety. I started it over the weekend to measure my reaction. So far I am more relaxed, have more energy, and have an easier time focusing on my work. Am I required to tell my employer? There seems to be a big stigma against individuals with anxiety and depression at my place of employment. Any advice is appreciated.
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    KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!! Honesty will bite you in the *ss, it did me. I'm now in IPN for emotional impairment but they insist on abstinence of any mind altering medications. So the Ativan and Ambien that I take only occasionally were required to be discontinued or I was not allowed to re-enter practice. And I reported Percocet which was in my cabinet left over from cervical fusions, grafts and plating about a year and a half ago...trying to be honest...and look what it got me. 5 years of what amounts to parole in an IPN contract or face discipline by the board.
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    I thought too that it might be worth mentioning that I have been a nurse for 28 years in the state of florida with a spotless license history. Good Luck.
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    what about the annual physical? Usually they will ask you to list your current medication list.
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    Perhaps they do but if you can withhold that information I strongly recommend it.
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    Personally, I would not say anything unless it is specifically asked/required during an employee physical (and you know they will be doing a urine test). Your medical information is personal. Why have HIPAA or any privacy acts if anyone can demand (and expect an answer) regarding what medications a person takes? As long as you have a valid prescription-you are totally fine. People seem to forget that some people have a LIFE because they take scheduled meds and without them, they would probably be sitting at home on disability. I have said this on this site before, but I personally feel that less you share about your personal life with your co-workers, the better....esp. when it comes to scheduled prescribed medication.
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    Don't say anything!!! If you have to disclose for a drug test then you do. I am on 3 different meds for ADD, Depression and Anxiety (I'm on the same med and dosage as you!). I am ready to disclose for a drug test or physical if required. Not happy but ready.
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    Thanks for the info. I am a Nursing student on Klonopin and tramadol. Have been for several years. Getting ready to start applying for jobs. In class we all joke about what meds we are on for stress r/t Nursing school. My issues have to deal with the murder of my mother and my son being dx with type 1 at age 2 (know not to talk about him-they will worry about me missing work b/c of him-sad). These two things happened within 3 weeks. I then lost my job, which is why I am back on school at age 47. Now we are in litigation with school b/c of issues with DS #2. I cannot sleep. the tramadol is due to arthritis and inability to tolerate NSAIDS. Oy i'll be lucky to get a job. Passed drug screen to get into nursing school w/o divulging anything.
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    It is NONE of your employer's concern. Even physical exam information is on a need-to-know basis, and you absolutely DO NOT have to share anything sensitive. The only case in which you would need to disclose would be if you had to take a UA, in which case you tell the testing agency about the Klonopin and show them the prescription bottle. Otherwise, keep this to yourself.......there is no need for anyone to know.
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    My employers couldn't be trusted with any information whatsoever concerning my well being so why would I ever divulge information to them that they could use to destroy my livelihood? As if some of them haven't tried to do that in the past anyway. Keep this information to yourself, as previously advised, unless you have to disclose it at the time of a UA.
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    Don't say a word. Don't be honest. Don't report anything that will send up a red flag...Anything. I was honest. I thought of those high ideals that I was taught in Catholic and Nursing schools and I got burned big time. If I have a drug test. I tell them. But the lease they know the better. The high and the mighty that get drunk, smoke grass or pop Oxcy at the big game every weekend will be the first to hang you out to dry. Honesty is not the best policy these days, it could be a career death sentence.
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    IMO, I wouldn't disclose it unless you had to (e.g., if you got hit with a UDS).
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    Keep it private !!!! I wish you the best !
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