Nurse with HIV

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    Not sure if this is the correct section to post...but

    I just wanted to know what happens to a nurse who has been diagnosed with HIV ?

    Can you still work ? Is it safe to work ? etc

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    Im sorry no one replied-but yes you can work. HIV is not the big deal nowadays if you follow your medication regimen. Even better try to secure a position in education , good luck.
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    I have worked with HIV positive nurses. We thought they are safer in well-patient environments because we were always fearful that they would pick up an infection from the patients. We were protective. But probably didn't need to be. One nurse I knew worked for the Florida State AHCA inspecting facilities and had no patient contact other than interviews.
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    Another question is, is it safe to be a nurse, not knowing if any of your patients have this, that, or the other? Who's more apt to infect the other party- the nurse, or the patient?
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