Links and Resources for Nurses with Disabilities

  1. 7 below are some relevant links for nurses with disabilities:

    national organization for nurses with disabilities
    the association of medical professionals with hearing loss
    exceptional nurse (a nonprofit resource network for nurses and nursing students with disabilities)

    books (from bookstore)
    leave no nurse behind: nurses working with disabilities by donna maheady
    nursing students with disabilities: change the course by donna maheady

    vocational rehabilitation agencies
    office of disability employment policy

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    "Rehabilitation Considerations for the Client with Chronic, Nonmalignant Pain" Nursing Case Management Vol 4, No 2, 90-101 March/April 1999
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    Oregon Health & Science University in
    Portland Center for Self Determination
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    i know of a site created by a dr. who is paralyzed the site is called disaboom
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