Therapy for nurses ... Cartoon Contest Winner

  1. Get off your feet ... relax ... take a nap. You deserve it. Nothing wrong with a little rest.

    Just don't do it in the doctors office! HAHAHA

    Here's 3 reasons why you should take a break...
    1. Refocus on what's important
    2. Recharge for that long day ahead
    3. Gain perspective of what's going on

    Thanks to Esme12 for coming up with the winning caption.

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  3. by   poppycat
    Or even just sit down!
  4. by   HokieNurse21
    Or go to the bathroom!
  5. by   kaela_v
    HILARIOUS! Sometimes I eat lunch even when I'm not hungry because I'm afraid I wont have time later...
  6. by   Melaina
    Sit down? I remember the only time we could sit down was to go to the bathroom :-)