Short Staffing

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    We now have our own (exclusive) nursing comic. This is our first of many nursing cartoons to come. We are calling it "About a Nurse". We will be releasing a few comics per week.

    We hope you enjoy them!

    Please feel free to share this with your nursing colleagues. I'm sure they will thank you for putting a smile on their face.

    Can you relate? Please share your funny stories and comments below…
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    U S A time to call a friend!Lift the visa retrogression is the solution...
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    It has nothing to do with not enough nurses. It has to do with hospitals won't pay to have an adequate number of nurses working.
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    I have these day to frequantly!
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    I fail to see the humor in this one.
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    Very funny I often look like that after a hard days work!
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    OMG...... is that how I REALLY looked after last week's 8 turned into 15hr shift???
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    Merlee,try to lighten up just a little.If I have learned nothing else in my life,it is clear that in nursing, you have to have a sense of humor to help relieve stress,tension.They say "Laughter is like exercise for your soul."PEACE.
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    I work in an outpatient psychiatric office setting where ONLY 1 nurse is needed, and I have days like that!!!!
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    I've just had three days like that.

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