Parking for Nurses Only

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  2. 7 Nurses, here is your sign!
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    Lol!! Love this and we do need our own parking spaces.

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    I love it!
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    That would be so far away from the hospital, you'd have to stop for a sandwich while walking from car ----> door.
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    I'll take 2. One for my documentation spot and one for home...because we KNOW that will never exist where we least not anywhere NEAR where we need to be!
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    I see a lot of those signs in opposite form. Can't park here, for patients. Can't park here, for attendings. Can't park here, for the sisters. Can't park here, the new on-site car washing service will be setting up shop. (no joke)
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    This is quite interesting!
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    I have a sign in my garage: Parking for Nurses Only - Violators will be placed in ICU
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    Quote from classicdame
    I have a sign in my garage: Parking for Nurses Only - Violators will be placed in ICU
    I think I wanna put a sign like this one.hehehe

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