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Life skills nurses learn - page 2

nurses learn many life skills on the job, managing chaos is just one of them :) if you enjoyed this please click the like button. thanks read more nursing cartoons here: about a nurse and... Read More

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    Quote from StudentNurse2011
    We can smell lies from a mile away. We should be able to; we've heard them all at least a few hundred times.
    Really? Is it anything like smelling C.diff?

    Oh and since we're on topic of actual lessons learned and not the cartoon anymore... I've learned how to plaster a smile on my face and it makes everything horrible seem that much more bearable. Like C.diff.
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    Quote from vespertinas

    reminds me of a nursing bumper sticker, "asystole is a stable rhythm."
    were you following me (grin) i have that bumper sticker:d