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Just joining!!

  1. 0 Hey Nurses!!! My name is Shelly! Just joined allnurses.com! And the chat rooms! I have been a nurse for almost 3 years and I work Med-Surg! Absolutely love it! I have just recently switched from night shift to days!! What a change!! Work load is very different but I'm loving the hours!!
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    Hi Shelly. I'm new too. Just took boards last week (and passed) and have an interview this Friday! I use to work on med/surg as a cna and would like to get back on a med/surg unit. Glad to see there are newbies along with me here on the forums!
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    That's great!!! Just make sure your not doing tech work along with your nursing too, learn to delegate. It will be hard but you have too or you will be very behind on your patients.