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How is your Nurses Week going so far? Get any cards? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and post your comments below!... Read More

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    I got a card from my dad saying how proud he is of me. And I got put on call last night and wasn't called in...WooHoo!

    Went to the brunch at work this morning (was worse than your typical hotel breakfast), tomorrow they're offering Cinnabon (I'm not working tomorrow), and there's a picnic for lunch on Friday (I'm working Friday night so I'll be sleeping).

    Oh well, we certainly don't do it for the gifts or recognition.
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    My nurse manager made some rockin coconut, chocolate, graham cracker squares! My Regional nurse manager also made some snacks and salad. We also got a Whistle! Yeah! Oh by the way I work in a prison. LOL!
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    [QUOTE=brian;6461298]How is your Nurses Week going so far? Get any cards?

    This year I was looking forward to nurses week because I was glad that after 22 years, I still love what I do and I was looking forward to the recognition. So far, there has been nothing. Not even a verbal, "Hey, Happy Nurses' week!".
    I was feeling a bit glum about it and then I realized, I too had done nothing to acknowledge my peers, mentors and leaders. I had also failed to show honor and respect for the dedication of my friends and coworkers.
    So here it is, Thursday.
    Happy Nurse's Week you all!!
    Be proud, stand tall and keep on going.
    You're the best.
    warm regards,
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    for the past 2 years, we have had a clown come to the floor to bring us cheer and a few pieces of candy. she usually arrives during morning med pass- alot time to chat and have fun then! I am fine with clowns, I just don't think sending one to a nursing unit for nurses/ hospital week is the right kind of message I want to recieve. How about just a big thank you for all you do.
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    The Peds Hospitalists on my unit brought in a bunch of food on Tuesday, which was nice, even though it was their secretary that arranged and delivered it all! LOL. My hubby sent flowers to me today here at work. That's a first in our 10 years of marriage! But hey, I love it either way. I think it's a time to give thanks to and recognize other nurses, not just expect food or gifts from administration, because we know how often that happens.
    So Happy Nurses Week to all of you out there!
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    Nice they are at least trying.
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    Quote from sensualblissinfl
    nice they are at least trying.
    yes i agree some of these facilities are tying therefore, we shall give them a e for effort, but we are still a long shot from making sure that every nurse from every state is recognized not only by their peers, but by all communities, facilities, and most of all the media which has a very low portrait of our beloved career. until next year... aloha pumehana~