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Creating a less stressful environment...

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    Nothing wrong with dreaming ... we all do it.

    Do you have any ideas to share? What has management done for you to create a less stressful environment?

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    To create a LESS stressful environment?

    Diddly Squat

    They are focused at the moment on making it more stressful!!
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    Those days are history I'm afraid......
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    I could use a couple of weeks in the Bahamas every winter........
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    What has management done for you to create a less stressful environment?

    Accepted my resignation.
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    I don't think they know how to do that...
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    Economics and budget cuts force MORE stress on staff. This applies to not only nursing but everyone. So at least I know that while my supervisor is putting pressure on us, someone above her/him is doing the same to them!
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    enlightening, to say the least. however, in order to effectively handle stress or adverse situations in making good decisions, management itself has to be the example by working calmly and accurately. having said that, this would encourage any staff to follow their lead. furthermore, maintaining stable performances under pressure and handling stress in a manner that is acceptable to others, is a win-win situation to any given facility. pursuing this further, this concept has to begin with management in order to succeed. in addition, involvement, determination, and consistency are the key approach, to alleviate the daily stress in our workforce.
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    That wouldnt be enough to create a relaxing envoirment for me.

    Call me when adminstration starts installing liquid valium fountains.
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    I'd take adequate staffing over a hot tub any day. Now the wine? That is negotiable.
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    Adequate staffing, of course. Taking care of too many patients not only is stressful, but also physically tiring.
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    Quote from amygarside
    adequate staffing, of course. taking care of too many patients not only is stressful, but also physically tiring.
    not to mention a recipe for errors on the long run, take your time and do the best you can, as i send you hugs from across the miles ...aloha~
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    That looks like heaven. I'll keep dreaming.

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