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Nothing wrong with dreaming ... we all do it. ;) Do you have any ideas to share? What has management done for you to create a less stressful environment? Click Like if you enjoyed it. ... Read More

  1. by   nursefrances
    Let's see, lately at my hospital we are over budget so they are flexing (calling off or sending home early) staff daily, CNAs and secretary are flexed before the end of the shift so RNs get to do that job too before we leave for the day, overtime is forbidden so hurry and get that extra work done or we will write you up. Ahhhhhh...sooooo relaxing. oh...wait a minute...that doesn't sound relaxing. Wait a minute
  2. by   Hygiene Queen
    What has management done to make things less stressful?

    I seriously stopped to think it over, to be fair...
    And I can honestly say, they have done nothing.

    One thing that I do to save my sanity is play music.
    It really does soothe the savage beast and I feel sorry for places where the staff can't do this.
    We take turns playing what we want (requests from patients always come first) and we make sure it's appropriately psych-friendly.
    Wanna see a sad 50+ year-old female patient chirk up?
    Play some Donny Osmond.
    Yeah, baby.

    I would die if management took that away and I'm surprised that they haven't done it yet.
    It seems they never want you to enjoy work too much!

    We also force each other to take breaks now, no matter what.
    (You know if you work through a break and leave on time, management thinks you need more to do. Um, no... we have plenty, thanks.)
    Anyway, when I break, I walk the campus for the 30 minutes I've got.
    What a stress buster and there is a little baseball park where I can watch the kids play as I pass by.
    Very nice.

    One day, I was past my eyeballs in sorting out the world's most tedious and complicated admission medication reconciliation (and you know, you always get the pain-in-the-butt doctor for admit, when this happens).

    (Seriously, can we say "the elderly are over-medicated"??? Say it again, "the elderly are over-medicated!" And god help you when the patient's half-demented spouse hands you a moldy sheet of paper, written in 1982, that is supposedly their med list and 100 bottles of pills, the most recent which was expired in 1999. Oh, and there's always some mention of some fricked-up insulin in all this mess... and you wonder how the heck people are still alive and able to walk into your hospital, become your patient, and make your day a living hell).

    Anyway, I just tossed all my papers up in the air, at one point, and said, "Wheeeeeee!" as the papers all fluttered down like a parade-- because remember, nursing is FUN! Then I said, "Somebody tell me a funny story right now!!!"
    That threw everybody off and we did start laughing and, thank god, because I needed it.

    So music, fresh air, humor.

    Management isn't helping so I have to figure it out for myself...
    But they still need to get a clue.