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    I was working with a male nurse one night. A big guy.
    The computer was really acting normally that night, slow and inefficient. (We suspect the hospital got the system at a clearance sale) Anyway, the male nurse was having a particularly hard time with the system freezing for minutes at a time. We were both behind, stress, call lights, ....
    Eventually, after hours of computer frustration, the man developed the light of murder in his eyes. The computer had moments to live when I suggested he leave the floor for a few.
    The computer survived another day. So did we. But I really prefer paper charting.
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    I have a love hate relationship with the pieces of plastic & electronics. The less done on a computer, the happier the staff is.
    These are machines, too much reliance has been placed on them. Have you seen how people react in retail when their computers stop working.
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    don't you know???

    nurse's eat their own!!!!!
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    its that why I keep getting gas!
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    We don't have problems....largely because we don't do computer charting! The only people who have to deal with them are the UMs, ward secretaries and billing clerks, stock controllers, pharmacy, reception and bookings. Not nursing's problem. When the system goes down, which it does on a daily basis, frequently more than once a day, those who do have to work with them just shrug up their shoulders and go for a tea break.

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