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They say that coffee drinkers, compared to nondrinkers, are: less likely to have type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease, and dementia have fewer cases of certain cancers, heart rhythm problems, and... Read More

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    With so many replies I came here expecting a debate. I'm not disappointed though, you all are hilarious!

    I love coffee, but it makes me even more overheated than I already am so I don't get to drink much of it. Love it!
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    Coffee is not my medicine, it's my oxygen.
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    I used to drink so much coffee during nursing school, to the point where caffeine had little effect on me. So I started drinking red eyes instead (drip coffee plus an espresso shot... or two, haha). If I didn't sleep enough the night before clinical, I would even try caffeine gum because the effect is instantaneous: STAY ALERT Military Caffeine Energy Gum - CINNAMON - TRAY (24 packs 5pc) - 100mg Caffeine per piece: Health & Personal Care. As you can imagine I was always sleep deprived and very unhealthy for most of nursing school... but I figured my health was a small price to pay for safe patients and good grades!

    Now that I've graduated I drink a lot less, maybe 1-2 cups a day with lots of milk and a hazelnut shot.
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    I don't know how people drink it all the time! I could use the energy I get from a cup or five before school/clinical, but between the urgent stomach issues and the hot flashes/sweats it gives me, I think I'd be worse off. Bummer! I do get to use it on my days off (what's that?) to speed-clean my neglected house and stay awake to read and study. Just gotta stay home so I don't look cracked out in public.
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    Needless to say, I gotta have my Cafe'.... ...Aloha~
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    I like all of them, thanks.
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    I have some blood in my caffeine stream.
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    And I was just ready to cut down...
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    LOL SummitAP, the same goes for me. "I have some blood in my caffeine stream." So true.