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Awesome Nursing Shirt

  1. Awesome Nursing Shirt - Image ID: 12059
  2. 5 This is the shirt my sister bought me as my graduation gift....which by the way I graduated the 9th YAY me!!! NCLEX here I come
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    LOL Where can I get that shirt?
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    Too cute! Love the shirt. Can you tell me where she ound such a funny shirt?
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    I have no idea where she found it but I will ask tomorrow and let you know!
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    here is the link to the company that made the shirt "Sweet Things Apparel"

    Sweet Thing Apparel - Home of Sweet Thing T-Shirts, I Believe T-Shirts and Doin' It Big T-shirt
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    Very cute
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    Love it!!
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    Very cute...
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    Haha great shirt!
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    Great gift! I haven't seen that one before. Congrats and good luck!