Ask, and you won't receive - staffing (winner!)

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    oh the lengths, we will go to ask for better staffing for better patient care!

    congrats to anonrnc for winning our second caption contest! you won $100!

    this was a very close contest, several very good captions were submitted. here were a few runner up captions:
    • "c'mon santa, lets get you back to the psych ward"
    • oh crap i forgot your pills.....
    • i'm sorry nurse, i must've pushed the call bell by accident.
    thanks to everyone who submitted your ideas and votes! we will have another caption contest in the near future!

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    congrats! to anonrnc.... cool caption~
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    Congratulations. once again, fun contest.
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    Oh my word, FUNNY! Only because it is sooooo true. All of submissions were funny! Congratulations AnonRNC!
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    Wow! Thank you so much! I'm stunned.
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    Congrats AnonRNC!!

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    WTG --
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    congrats! fun contest!!
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    Other captions were funny- but yours HAD to win!
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    It was fun, good to laugh at our profession!!!!

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