AN Addiction Strikes Again

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    I'm sure nothing like this ever happens, right?

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    Love it!
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    That is SOOOO my husband nagging me to get with my studying or things I need to do because my eyes are glued to here .
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    Leave allnurses for just a honeymoon??!!
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    LOL! I know how that feels like.

    he just can't get away from
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    I'll 2nd that Emotion...
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    Too funny. My hubby yells at me when we are on vacation cause I keep going on AN.
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    Would love to give AN that much credit....just cant though.
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    <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <w:worddocument> <w:view>normal</w:view> <w:zoom>0</w:zoom> <w:donotoptimizeforbrowser/> </w:worddocument> </xml><![endif]-->made it my screen background pic as a friendly reminder
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