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Nurses, how many times have you heard this line? We would love to hear your comments, please share below!... Read More

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    At least foaming is still fresh enough not to smell quite so badly!
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    Of course it was just one beer...........it just happened to be stored in that barrel.
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    Quote from classicdame
    do you really think you can achieve behavior modification through punishment? How does that prevent them from drinking? Is that part of standard nursing interventions?
    Just a little of ER nurse humor.......every ED has their frequent flyers on their gazillionth trip for ETOH or detox and the weekend bingers that we aren't trying to be "therapeutic" and they aren't looking for therapy of detox. They just need to sober up to go home and so they can do it again next weekend....it's just a reality. No offense meant.
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    I am a nurse in a county jail. This is classic in our booking area. LOL
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    Me: "Do you drink alcohol?"
    Patient: "No. I quit a while ago."
    Wife: "Yeah. He had his last beer outside the ER before we came in."

    True story
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    I think its crazy when the doctor confronts them with their blood alcohol of 325 and they still continue to insist they "only had one beer" and "have no idea how it could be that high" one of the doctors said in a very respectful way "well, I wasn't born yesterday, so regardless of what you have told me this lab value isn't lying to me, it must have been a VERY big beer"
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    God , i love cartoon
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    I only drink to forget. What was the question?
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    Quote from brian
    nurses, how many times have you heard this line?

    we would love to hear your comments, please share below!

    more nursing cartoons here: about a nurse - nursing cartoon series
    remember to always double what the pt. tells you