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Washington Health Professionals Services

  1. 0 Hi all! I wanted to start a thread for those in Washington State in the WHPS
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    Ok so I didn't mean to push send (damn phone). Anyway, I wanted to start a thread for those in Washington State in the WHPS program. If anyone want to add on this or start one, let me know! I will add my story and we can all share ours once the thread starts!
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    I am also starting WHPS soon as well. How long is your contract?
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    Yes I would like to speak with re: WHPS
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    Hello WA nurses. I live in VA but am from Vancouver BC and long to return to the pacific NW. I am in VAs HPMP but have looked at WA states programs website. It looks much more nurse friendly than VAs. I would love to hear any actual experiences with these people re requirements, case managers, testing and contract length. Thank you.