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    Does TPAPN really test for etg? I found Quest's Healthcare Professional Pannel that lists Options 1-6. Some include "urine alcohol" but none specifically say etg. I know there has been a lot of controversy regading the validity of etg testing.... maybe TPAPN just tells us they test for it to keep us away from alcohol??

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    I test with first lab and it is tested for according to their website.
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    Are you in TPAPN? If so, I didnt know they also used First Lab.
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    Quote from Callahan, RN
    Are you in TPAPN? If so, I didnt know they also used First Lab.
    No I'm in NC
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    They set the cut-offs sufficiently high to prevent false positives. As far as whether they test for etg, are you willing to find out the hard way? Unfair as it may seem now, you either play by the rules or you don't keep your license.
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    Lol, no I am not willing to learn the hard way! Just curious b/c etg testing causes a lot of paranoia d/t the possibility of incidental exposure. I just started my first nursing job and I think it is pretty ridiculous that I can't use the hand sanitizer b/c of the fear of being positive for etg.
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    I have the same fears! I changed toothpastes, soaps and shampoos....still researching deodorants LOL Because if you're accused, even if you did no wrong you still are
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    The only things I have changed are my mouthwash and I don't use hand sanitizer. I have been tested 5 times and have been negative each time, but I dont know if I was tested for etg or not. I use to be paranoid about deodorant, face wash, hairspray, etc, but not anymore. I can't live like that!
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    i dont eat food with alcohol in them but i did not change any of my products. I do wash my hands instead of using sanitizer at work. I have not changed my mouthwash or deoderant. I have been testing 1-2 times a month for 10 months. Never test anything but negative. I have done a couple different options. Im not sure which if any include etg testing. They dont share with me what each option is testing for.
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    Maybe once I've been through it a few times I'll start to relax, but right now I feel so on edge with all thats being handed out to me at once! My biggest fear is being kicked out..

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