Through the eyes of the newly recovering.....

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  3. by   Tweety

    That "terminal uniqueness" that we all have when we walk in the doors of recovery. I remember that well.
  4. by   VivaLasViejas
    Me too. I remember looking around at the other people in my AA meeting group and thinking "Gads, what a pack of losers!" I couldn't believe I was anything like the homeless guy who kept spitting in the corner........the gray-haired widow who lived alone in a cramped apartment with eight cats.........the twentysomething with the potty mouth who chain-smoked throughout meetings.......the down-on-his-luck former businessman who'd lost everything thanks to his twin habits of drinking and gambling. But there was also the owner of a large multi-state restaurant chain.....the pastor of the local Episcopal church.......even a couple of acquaintances I knew only by name and occupation......all of whom were there for the same purpose I was. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with those much less fortunate than themselves, in kinship, sharing the same sort of stories, they taught me that addiction is the great equalizer.

    That's what your daughter has yet to learn. But don't worry; it'll happen in God's good time.
  5. by   psalm
    The first day or week is really hard when it is something we WANT to do, so it is extra difficult for her. Hugs to all of you at the Tazzi household, alot of changes in your lives lately...
  6. by   sissiesmama
    Hey, Taz! My hubbie and I who are both revovering nurses with 7 years of recovery under our belts have you and your family in our prayers. I hope that baby girl makes it through treatment and one day realizes that she is not as different than the others. Thats what I thought my first week of inpatient treatment, and then I was scared stiff because I realized just how alike I was to them. Keep me posted and you guys will be in our daily prayers. Keep the faith, sisiter in recovery!

    Brian and Anne, RNC

    Bless you for what you did and got her in, because you saved her life!, whether or not she believes it or not yet. One day, she will!!