Is it safe to dye your hair?

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    Hello all I have a general vanity question on the lighter side of things....Can I dye my hair while undergoing urine testing for the next 3 years? Im just starting this program in Pennsylvania (VRP program). Do I have to use alcohol free hair dye only ie Henna products ? Of course my DOC is alcohol sober now 7 months but still want to be safe.Thanks in advance for any responses....
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    I have been in the Indiana program for almost 2 years. Alcohol was my DOC. I dye my hair about 1-2 times/month and have used several different brands. I get tested for alcohol and ETG with every UDS and have never had a problem.
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    I get a full head foil w/ 3 colors. I get tested for opiods, alcohol, ETG and have 9 random UDS in a quarter. Never had a problem. Congrats on your 7 months!