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  1. I am going to update my resume so I can apply for a new job I found posted online.

    Background: Suspended from er rn position may 30. returned to same hospital but working in medical records on nov. 10-present.

    Q: Do I list my previous job as ending may 2008 and then the current temp position from nov 2008-present eventhough I am employed by the same hospital? I think that is right. I have no problem with the 5 month gap as that will lead me into explaining my recovery status and my participation in hprp.

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  3. by   blueyezz71
    I would not list it as ending at all. You held your position within the hospital that is good.
  4. by   Rascal1
    I agree.
  5. by   sissiesmama
    Me too!! And as a recovering nurse myself, please know you will be in our thoughts. Good luck to you Sassy.

    Anne, RNC
  6. by   Magsulfate
    Were you ever actually fired? Or did you retain employment at the same hospital throughout the five month period? Or was it like a leave of absence?