New help/advice in NE Ohio!!! New help/advice in NE Ohio!!! | allnurses

New help/advice in NE Ohio!!!

  1. 0 Really looking for some help and/or advice from someone in Ohio regarding diversion, the BON, etc... Please post with an email or some way to talk outside of this forum. Thank u in advance for any help.
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    Hi amber if u r out there... U messages me privately but the site won't let me reply to u because I'm so new. Can u privately send me your email address so we can get in touch? Thank u
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    MH, find a Caduceus meeting. Your program should have a list or know where to find one.
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    I am also from NE Ohio. My email is

    I'd love to talk with you.

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    I am a recovering RN in NE Ohio who is awaiting my disciplinary action... Did you find out any info?? Please share anything you can!
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    After dealing with the BON for the past 3 years, all I can say is get an attorney. It probably won't help if you've already signed an agreement (if you haven't DO NOT!!!) It has been an almost 10,000 mistake... that's not counting the rescinded job offers....