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    I know it's hard, but it sounds like the tough love approach might be helping. Take some time to find some peace of mind for yourself as well.

    Keep in touch.
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    Hi Tazzi,
    I wish you and your family the best during this difficult time. Please take advantage of the support system offered to families of addicts. I wish you and yours blessing.
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    ((((HUGS)))) Tazzi. I am married to a recovering alcoholic/addict. He has been sober for 2 years 4 months now. We will be married 14 years next month. I just wanted to send you a big hug! You are doing the best thing for your daughter!

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    tough's what we do when we run out of options....

    thinking and praying for you, your husband and your daughter..
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    Tazzi..(((((:icon_hug))))) to you, and (((((((:icon_hug::icon_hug)))))), to your wee girl. Maybe she does not appreciate just how much she needs her Mammy right now. Thinking of you all, be strong babe, and you will give her the strength she needs. Best of luck and love.X
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    taz so sorry to hear about this You Did the right thing we are here when You need us take care prayers for You and entire family
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    Hugs and best wishes going out to you, your daughter, an family. :heartbeat

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