Mom of RN in rehab lookiing for advice and help

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    I am so grateful to have found this website and forum. I have been reading the discussions and appreciate all the info given. My daughter who is an RN for 12 years is in an inpatient drug center now for 2 weeks. She turned herself into BON after she got into trouble for taking meds and went straight to rehab where she will be for 45 days. I want to help find resources that will help her on her journey of recovery. Places where she can talk to other nurses that have been or going through the same thing. I must say that in general people are so judgmental about my daughter being a drug addict and a nurse. It's hard for me to understand how they can't see where how this could happen to someone in the medical field. Someone told me she shouldn't have become a nurse if she was going to become a drug addict! Like my daughter or anyone else here wanted to be a drug addict! I would appreciate any help or advice you can share with me. You are all so brave and kind in reaching out and helping one another.

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    I am not sure what state you/she is in, but often times, the Board of Nursing will refer the nurse to a monitoring program. The monitoring program should have a list of Caduceus or Nurse Support meetings (they are not posted publicly because it is only for healthcare providers/nurses, depending on the group). Actually, the nurse will be required to go to these meetings as part of their contract.

    Then, there's AN. We do not give medical or legal advice. However, I think there's quite a few states represented on the recovery forum that your daughter can get an idea of what to expect from a monitoring program or state board. I, personally, have a thread going about HPMP, which is VA's monitoring program.
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    Thank you do much for the info, wishmeluck. We are from Louisiana. My daughter has contacted BON of LA and is in one of the treatment centers they recommended and has been accepted into their RNP.
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    @jordanpj: welcome to our forum!! this can definitely be a source of info/support/comradarie for your daughter. she has a long & difficult road ahead of her. &,yes, people are very judgemental- even our fellow nurses. &, yes, she will definitely need your support- just make sure your motives remain intact & don't become codependent. she can find a lot of support/guidance here- make sure you tell her about us! it's the only forum i have found- & not all states have caudeus meetings- not sure abut LA. take care- best wishes & hugs to you both!!
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    Thanks TXRN2!
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    Hello! Jordanpj, glad u are here with us. I am also from Louisiana! I live in north La. I graduated from nsg school in 1991 and entered the La RNP program in 1999. The contract I was given was 3 years. I am glad that your daughte got into a rehab without having to wait too long - I had to wait at home for a little over a month for a bed to become available. That was a LONG month!

    We will be glad to have your daughter join u here! In Louisiana, we do have the RNP nursig group required once a week. We also go to the Caduceus. Both groups really helped me a lot, epecially my first 6 months into the RNP contract.

    I will be glad to give you or your daughter and info I can.

    Anne, RNC
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    Thank you so much, Anne, for your reply. My daughter wants to join your forum and connect with others nurses like you as soon as she gets out of her inpatient treatment. Did you do 45 days inpatient? I have read the RNP handbook and have many questions like, how to find out where these meetings are, where do you have your drug tests and about outpatient treatments. Besides BON, my daughter has to deal with her criminal issues, which since this is her first time to ever be arrested, she is trying to get accepted into pre trial intervention program. We are trying to figure all this out. Can be a little overwhelming not knowing all the logistics of these agencies. The most important thing for my daughter is her recovery. She knows she has this journey for life. Any info or suggestions you have would be so appreciated. Thank you again for reaching out.
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    Hello! Glad to hear from you. Since joining AN several years ago, I had gotten SO much support and info from my fellow members. I hope your daughter does join us. I went to a state facility since I lost my insurance when I was terminated. It was a 28 day program - I think counting my admit date it was 29'
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    Oops! I was inpatient for 29 days. Have they said anything about the possibility of a halfway house placement after d/c from inpatient treatment? Some facilities require this, but others offer it as a possibility. I was able to be d/ced to home instead of the halfway house even though I was in the facility that required it. Has she gotten her RNP contract and signed it yet? She will be required to call a ph number every M thru F to see if she is to go give a drug screen that day.
    Hope this helps a little. I'll try to remember done other bits of info.

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    Thanks so much. This info helps. I also was able to read earlier threads when you helped another nurse. Your sharing the steps of your experience is so helpful and kind. It is scary time and your sharing makes a difference to those going through it now. God bless you!
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