How to answer drug abuse hx question

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    I am entering a nsg refresher course. I have to have a physical which asks if i have a hx of drug abuse. I'm worried if I say yes that I won't be placed in a clinical rotation since this goes to potential clinical sites. On the other hand, I don't want to lie. Any advice? I am really stressing over this!

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    at your board of nursing for renewal, and i guess re instatement how is the question worded, in texas it is within the past five years have you.........? :
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    Do NOT put that on the form. Just say no.
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    this is just my 2 cents worth: when it came time for my license renewal while i was in TPAPN, i was told by my case manager that as long as i was in TPAPN & in compliance, i could answer that question on the renewal form "No". i know this is not exactly an answer to your particular question, but maybe it will help. not knowing the particulars of your case- do you have a case manager you could ask??
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    The correct answer is "no"!
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    "Jusy say NO". -Barbara Bush
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    Quote from SuzieVN
    "Jusy say NO". -Barbara Bush
    I believe it was Nancy Reagan who was famous for her "just say no" anti-drug campaign.
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    In a word: NO.
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    I would not lie about about,but inquire : is the question being ask of the doctor or the school? where are the policies pertsining to this question? Is it a "weed out" question? Do they ask is you have high b/p or diabetes or hypothyroidism? any form of drug abuse/misuse/dependency is a disease so ask the why are they singling this disease out. If the AMA acknowledges drug abuse/misuse/dependency as a disease then why does the medical community not treat it like one????

    For myself I do not disclose any history anymore to ANYONE. For the first time in 9 years I was treated like a "normal" human when I I did not mention my past to my new dentist and IT FELT GOOD TO BE TREATED NICE.

    Remember you have rights!
    Breath and really think about the question, do not be afraid to ask questions and stand up for your self with dignity!!
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    Tough one. I can understand your concern since this information could be used against you....and unfortunately, recovery often is used in that way :/

    I also can't definitely tell you whether you say Yes or No. I do think TXRN2 has a good approach to it: if you're in a recovery program and compliant with it, then IMO it would be acceptable to say "No" to the history question. I also think you could say No if you have a significant history of sober/clean time (at least a year). If not...then you have to decide what answer is best for you.

    If you do have someone that you could ask, I would. Maybe you could even ask someone at the school anonymously via e-mail.

    Best of luck.

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